Draft Disability Assistance for Older People (Scotland) Regulations 2024: Draft Equality Impact Assessment

A draft Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) considering the potential effects of the draft Disability Assistance for Older People (Scotland) Regulations 2024 on individuals with protected characteristics.

Data Sources

  • Scottish Health Survey
  • Scotland’s census 2011
  • NRS Mid-year population estimates
  • Social Security Experience Panel findings
  • Responses to the Consultation on Disability Assistance in Scotland
  • Advice from the Disability and Carer Benefits Expert Advisory Group
  • DWP Stat-Xplore statistics
  • Statistics and Projections from the Scottish Government’s Communities Analysis Division
  • Scottish Government publications: qualifying periods and mobility policy position papers
  • Stakeholder Workshop on the Equalities Impact Assessment


Email: Joseph.Scullion@gov.scot

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