Planning and Environmental Appeals: business plan 2021 to 2025

Business plan for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) covering the period from 2021 to 2025.


Risks and mitigation are discussed at regular senior management meetings and actions taken as appropriate.

The main areas of risk in the year 2022 to 2023 are set out as below.

  • loss of IT systems including Case Management System and external facing case Website resulting from higher-level decisions on SG IT architecture
  • failure to be allowed to recruit staff to vacant positions due to headcount decisions
  • budgetary constraints leading to an inability to recruit staff
  • illness/absence of staff leading to an inability to deal with our core work
  • budgetary constraints leading to an inability to match resources to workload affecting both statutory functions such as timely processing of appeal casework, and non-statutory but nevertheless highly valued functions such as webcasting of hearings and inquires
  • legal challenge on decisions resulting in significant change to working practices
  • failure to bring on talent and undertake appropriate succession planning
  • reputational risk due to individual or cumulative poor performance
  • fire or disastrous power loss in DPEA premises



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