Planning and Environmental Appeals: business plan 2021 to 2025

Business plan for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) covering the period from 2021 to 2025.

What we do

Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA), a division of the Scottish Government Legal Directorate, considers and makes decisions and recommendations on a range of planning and environmental matters on behalf of Scottish Ministers

DPEA deals with a wide range of appeals against decisions of planning or local authorities and other bodies including appeals relating to planning, enforcement, listed buildings, community asset transfer, forestry and storage of hazardous substances.  DPEA also deals with appeals against decisions made by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency in connection with the prevention and control of pollution, air and water quality, and waste management.

Other key areas of our work include the examination local development plans, public local inquiries held in connection with applications for consent for onshore windfarms and other renewable energy proposals under the Electricity Act 1989; Transport and Works Act 2007 and compulsory purchase, roads and other orders.

DPEA is working with other SG divisions on the acceptance of new work streams, including the designation of Low Emission Zones; Deposit Return Scheme Appeals; and Workplace Car Park Levies.

DPEA's decision on major developments, including housing and renewable energy projects, contribute towards Scottish Government objectives on increased supply and quality of housing and on renewable energy targets.



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