Domestic abuse: statistics recorded by the police in Scotland - 2017/18

Characteristics of victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse incidents recorded by the police in Scotland.

Notes for Tables

1. Incidents earlier than 2014-15 were collated using a different system. See Section 2.5 for more details.

2. Prior to the change in data collection during 2013-14 (see Paragraph 6.3 in Annex 1) legacy police forces recorded domestic abuse information in different systems. Police practice in deciding when behaviour justifies the recording of a crime or offence may also differ. These differences influenced the number of incidents and the proportion of incidents which led to the recording of a crime or offence.

3. Population estimates are as at mid-year from the National Records of Scotland (NRS) (

4. ‘Not Recorded & Other’ includes both incidents where gender has not been recorded and is therefore unknown (almost 100% of cases) and incidents where the victim or accused was recorded as transgender. In 2017-18, there was an increase in the number of incidents where the gender of the victim and/or the accused was unknown. For further information about this change see paragraph 6.5 in the Annex.

5. Due to data with no age and gender, rates per 10,000 population, will be lower than expected. See Section 6.18 for more details of missing data.

6. A victim/accused can appear in the iVPD multiple times in one reporting year. See Section 3.10 for more details on definition of repeat victims and accused.

7. More than one crime or offence may be recorded in one incident.

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