Digital Identity Scotland Programme Board papers: March 2019

Papers for the fourth meeting of Digital Identity Scotland (formerly Online Identity Assurance) Programme Board on 12 March 2019.



1. Welcome and introductions - Colin Cook

2. Note and actions from previous meeting - Gavin Ross

  • Paper: Third Meeting Minutes and Actions

3. Update on progress including updated Programme Plan, assurance, procurement and risks

  • Paper: DISPB-13 – Updated Programme Plan
  • Paper: DISPB-14 – Risk appetite statement and key risks
  • Paper: DISPB-15 – Communications and Engagement update

4. Joint working and planning across programmes

  • Paper: DISPB-16 – Joint Digital Identity Social Security Plan

5. Expert Group Fourth Meeting Feedback

  • Paper: DISPB-17 – Expert Group Third Meeting Feedback

6. User Research Update

  • Paper: DISPB-18 – User Research Activity Update

7. Alpha Progress

  • Paper: DISPB-19 – Service Description for Relying Parties
  • Paper: DISPB-20 – Alpha update
  • AOB

8. Next Steps

  • Date of next meeting
  • Action points
  • AOB


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