Developing regulation of energy efficiency of private sector housing (REEPS): modelling improvements to the target stock - Main Research Report

This report describes how the least energy efficient dwellings in the private sector were identified and how their ratings could be improved by a range of improvement measures. Modelling was used to ascertain the least cost way of reaching different standards, with findings presented on capital costs, fuel cost savings, carbon and energy reductions.

18 Appendix 12: Research Advisory Group (RAG) Membership

18.1 The Research Advisory Group for the research project comprised:

  • Scottish Government:
  • Adam Krawczyk (Chair), Senior Statistician, Communities Analytical Services
  • Valerie Sneddon, REEPS Policy Team
  • Katie Chan, REEPS Policy Team
  • Jamie Robertson, Statistician, Communities Analytical Services
  • Oscar Guinea/Bruce Teubes, Economists, Communities Analytical Services
  • Fraser Walsh, Building Standards
  • Historic Scotland:
  • Roger Curtis, Technical Research Manager:
  • External members:
  • Elizabeth Leighton, Existing Homes Alliance (EXHA) Scotland
  • Kevin Christie, Aberdeen City Council
  • Victor Burnett, Scottish Land and Estates


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