Social care - self-directed support: national framework - learning review

As part of the development of a national framework for self-directed support, Social Work Scotland commissioned a small-scale learning review to map the approach taken by the self-directed support team and bring together the learning from throughout the project.


64. From the outset, the Team and Social Work Scotland's careful planning, identification of key stakeholders and contributors, and a multi-layered approach to engagement was evident. This has meant that the content and component parts of the National Framework for Self-directed Support has been informed and shaped throughout its development. Space was created to allow a range of views to be heard and the Team was responsive in taking action to ensure that quieter voices were heard more clearly or missing voices included.

65. The principles of self-directed support were thought to be as relevant today as before, and there was overwhelmingly support for the national framework's underpinning assumptions, 11 standards, practice statements and core components and action statements. Much of the feedback and comment was focused on how this framework would translate into practice and that some inherent tensions needed be addressed through a culture shift and systemic change.

66. The key challenges have been identified and the approach of the Team has produced a wealth of information about the drivers of change at local and national levels within the workforce and across services and partnerships. The central role of people and communities was clearly articulated, and actions identified to increase the knowledge base and confidence for all involved to support equal relationships and to realise the ambition of the national framework. This next step is not without significant challenge and will need support at all levels.



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