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Deposit return scheme for Scotland: equality impact assessment

Published: 16 Mar 2020
Environment and Forestry Directorate
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Environment and climate change

Potential equality impacts for Scotland's deposit return scheme and proposed mitigation.

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Deposit return scheme for Scotland: equality impact assessment
Stage 2: Data and evidence gathering, involvement and consultation

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Stage 2: Data and evidence gathering, involvement and consultation

The interim EQIA presented some preliminary and indicative impacts that would require further consideration during the consultation period. It was based on a broad range of research, data and evidence-gathering, including: engagement with thirteen sector reference groups; field trips and conversations with overseas nations; and workshops including a climate justice workshop.

The full EQIA provided in-depth identification and consideration of potential equality impacts, supported by extensive further engagement with equalities stakeholders, building on issues raised via the interim EQIA and/or public consultation. It included: engagement with individuals, groups, and organisations involved in equality and Fairer Scotland work; interviews with RVM manufacturers; engagement with local authorities; and analysis of the results of a Disability Equality Scotland electronic survey.

For this final EQIA, work focussed on raising the profile of the draft Regulations and the opportunity to submit formal responses to the Regulations via a consultation process. The interim and full EQIA documents were shared with relevant stakeholders to encourage an assessment of the work completed to date and the opportunity to comment. Activity undertaken to promote the draft Regulations and the interim and full EQIA included:

1. Contacting the below list of organisations and offering a face-to-face meeting to discuss the draft Regulations and encourage engagement in the consultation process.

Age Scotland
Child Poverty Action Group
Alzheimer Scotland
Inclusion Scotland
Black and Ethnic Minority Infrastructure in Scotland BEMIS
Learning Link Scotland
Capability Scotland
Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Organisations
Carers Scotland
Poverty Alliance
Scottish Federation of Housing Associations
Scottish Trades Union Congress/ Scottish Union Learn Equality Officers
Dyslexia Scotland
Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
Disability Equality Scotland
Young Scot

2. Contacting the below list of organisations, to inform them of the draft Regulations and the public response opportunity. These organisations were also encouraged to cascade this information to their members and other relevant groups.

Bridges Programme
Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights
Citizen's Advice Scotland
Minority Ethnic Carers of People Project
Inclusion Scotland
Scottish Refugee Council
Equality Network
Sense Scotland
Glasgow Disability Alliance
Greenspace Scotland

The above activity resulted in one-to-one engagement with Disability Equality Scotland, Dyslexia Scotland, Learning Link Scotland, Age Scotland and Paths For All. Formal consultation responses were received on the draft Regulations from Age Scotland, Disability Scotland and Learning Link Scotland. The remaining organisations did not respond to our offer or stated that they were content with the draft Regulations as they stood.