A deposit return scheme for Scotland: consultation

Consultation on the options for distinct elements of a deposit return scheme on beverage containers, seeking views on which options will deliver the best results for Scotland.

Next Steps

  • Responses to the consultation will be published in due course. It is important that you fill out the Respondent Information Form so we know how you want your information to be treated.
  • We will engage an analyst or consultant who is independent of the policy team to analyse the responses and write a report on it. This report will help us decide how to proceed with system design and will be published on the Scottish Government's website.
  • Informed by this consultation and other engagement work, the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland will work together to design a final system. There will be a subsequent opportunity to comment on the design that we will bring forward. Once Scottish Ministers are satisfied with the proposed design, it will be taken forward to super affirmative regulations, which will include an additional forty day pre-laying period for comment.
  • In parallel we will work with the UK Government and other administrations to determine what scope there is for co-operation and will offer experience and insight from this process to assist with the work.


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