Deposit Return Scheme – assurance of action plan: report – September 2021

This is an evidence-based snapshot of the status of the Deposit and Return Scheme (DRS) for Scotland programme carried out by an independent review team on 21-23 September 2021. It was performed as part of the Scottish Government’s review into the implementation timetable for DRS.

2.0 Purpose and conduct of the Assurance of Action Plan (AAP)

2.1 Purpose of the AAP

2.1.1 The primary purpose of an AAP Review is to provide assurance to the SRO that the action plan, produced to address the issues identified during an Independent Assurance Review, are being pursued effectively and will, if implemented, put the programme/project back on track.

2.1.2 The recommendations from the last Independent Assurance Review together with the subsequent Programme/Project Team action plan and responses are attached at Annex A. These form the terms of reference for this Review.

2.1.3 This Report is an evidence-based snapshot of the programme/project status at the time of the Review. It reflects the views of the Review Team, based on information evaluated over a one/two-day period, and is delivered to the SRO immediately at the conclusion of the review.

2.2 Conduct of the AAP

This Review was carried out from 21st September to 24th September 2021 by video conference (Microsoft Teams). The team members and the people interviewed are listed in Annex B.



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