Delivery Assurance Group (DAG) report: quarter 3 2021-2022

Report summarising what has been achieved for customers against Scottish Water's Delivery Plan for the 2021 to 2027 period during the third quarter of 2021 to 2022


1. Forecast cost at the time of addition to the Committed List

2. The Committed List contains both named projects and programmes of work. Named projects are defined as: any project which is delivering an individually named need on the Development list, those projects which form part of our SR15 enhancement completion programme, any Tier 2 project with a forecast cost greater than £1m at the point of commitment or any Tier 2 project Projects which has had a Level 1 or 2 investment appraisal.

3. The baselines are determined by the projects forecast dates at the time inclusion in the Committed List.

4. Out of over 3,700 projects constituting the whole of SW investment programme for 2015-21 of which 723 were monitored by the Output Monitoring Group (OMG).



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