Delivering value based health and care: a vision for Scotland

Sets out the challenges our system is facing and how practising Realistic Medicine can deliver a more sustainable system. It includes six commitments on what we’ll do to support health and care professionals deliver care that people value.

4. Our Strategic Aims

Practising Realistic Medicine will deliver Value Based Health & Care and achieve:

1) better outcomes and experiences for the people we care for; through the 2) equitable and transparent, and 3) sustainable and appropriate use of available resources.

Aim 1:


Improved Outcomes and Experience

We are all unique with different goals, aspirations and preferences for care. We are all experts in our own life. By listening to what matters to people and involving them in decisions about their care, we can deliver person centred care that people really value.

Aim 2:


Improved Equity of Access and Transparency

By focusing our resources to ensure we deliver the right care in the right place, we can reduce waste and harm and redirect these resources where it will add the most benefit.

By being transparent about our decisions we will promote equity of care and utilise a whole system approach that puts people's needs at its heart. This is a vital step in reducing health inequalities.

Aim 3:

Sustainability & Stewardship

More Sustainable and Appropriate Resource Utilisation

We must establish a culture of stewardship in Scotland, where resources are safeguarded and used responsibly to provide environmentally sustainable healthcare.

A central theme of Realistic Medicine has been to engage health and care professionals to become the stewards of healthcare resources, given that it is their decisions that commit our precious healthcare resources. Colleagues across our Health and Care system must be supported to use our resources wisely.



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