Delivering Quality Through Leadership: NHSScotland Leadership Development Strategy

Strategy to developing NHSScotland Leadership and so deliver quality.

Appendix 3: Leaders'/Managers' Code of Personal Governance

As an NHSScotland Leader/Manager I will:

Pursue service excellence by:

  • Ensuring patients'/clients' needs are at the centre of decision-making;
  • Seeking to protect patients/clients and staff from clinical and environmental risk;
  • Encouraging service excellence and supporting changes to make this a reality.

Act with integrity and honesty by:

  • Communicating with openness and honesty in all matters including handling complaints and giving feedback to staff;
  • Ensuring confidential and constructive communication;
  • Managing resources and financial risk effectively and efficiently;
  • Ensuring personal integrity and honesty at all times;
  • Seeking to protect patients/clients and NHS resources from fraud, inducements and corruption.

Account for my own and my team's performance by:

  • Taking responsibility for my own and my team's performance;
  • Complying with all statutory requirements;
  • Providing appropriate explanations on performance;
  • Acting on suggestions/requirements for improving performance;
  • Supporting the Accountable Office of my organisation in his/her responsibilities.

Engage appropriately with others in decision-making by:

  • Ensuring that patients, the public, staff and partner organisations are able to influence decision-making in relation to NHS services;
  • Supporting effective and informed decision-making by patients about their own care;
  • Seeking out the views of others and building mutual understanding;
  • Ensuring clarity and consistency in relation to dual accountability.

Develop my team and myself by:

  • Building and developing effective teams, supported by appropriate leadership;
  • Instilling trust and giving freedom to staff/partners to make decisions within authority;
  • Being aware of and taking responsibility for my behaviour and continuous personal development as a NHS leader/manager, to ensure my fitness for purpose.
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