Delivering Quality Through Leadership: NHSScotland Leadership Development Strategy

Strategy to developing NHSScotland Leadership and so deliver quality.

Appendix 1: Participants in the 2008-2009 Review of 'Delivery through Leadership: NHSScotland Leadership Development Framework and Plan' (2005).

The success of the Leadership Development Framework is dependent on effective partnership working between the SGHD Leadership Team, the NHS Boards including the OD network, as well as with a range of external partners. Given their critical importance, it was important to gather and consider the views of a wide range of these stakeholders as part of the review. The stakeholders include a number of groups as well as key individuals. In outline, the exercise included formal and informal discussions with stakeholders in the following groupings (with more detail provided in the table below):

  • Internal stakeholders within Scottish Government.
  • Groups within NHSScotland.
  • External partners.
  • A sample of individual stakeholders from across NHSScotland.

Internal stakeholders in Scottish Government

NHSScotland Groups

  • DG Health & Chief Executive, NHSS
  • CNO/Health Workforce Director
  • Director of Healthcare Policy & Strategy
  • Director of Healthcare Planning
  • Director of Primary & Community Care
  • Head of Improvement & Support Team
  • Director of Health Delivery
  • Head of Public Service Reform Group
  • Corporate Learning
  • Scottish Partnership Forum ( SPF)
  • SWAG and MSG
  • Chairs' group
  • Chief Executives' group
  • Medical Directors
  • Nurse Directors
  • Public Health Directors
  • HR Directors
  • Finance Directors
  • OD Leads

External partners:

Individuals for 1:1 dialogue:

  • Cross-public sector collaborative leadership group
  • National leads on leadership development from the other three UK countries
  • Audit Scotland
  • Leadership Foundation for Higher Education
  • The Improvement Service
  • Scottish Police College
  • Sample of Scottish Higher Education Institutions
  • Institute for Healthcare Management ( IHM)
  • Royal College of Nursing
  • Centre of Confidence & Well-being.
  • All 22 Chairs
  • All 22 Chief Executives
  • Several Executive and Non-Executive Directors from across the NHS Boards
  • Director, Equalities & Diversity (Health Scotland)

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