Delivering Quality Through Leadership: NHSScotland Leadership Development Strategy

Strategy to developing NHSScotland Leadership and so deliver quality.


In 2005 I wrote " leadership is not a peripheral issue but is central to ensuring that we build capability and capacity within our systems and across the public services to drive the change agenda and realise the ambitious goals that have been set for our nation". 1

We have come a long way since 2005 in establishing a coherent approach to leadership development in NHSScotland. We have established leadership as central to the delivery of effective healthcare and created a range of development opportunities that align with and support local initiatives. Now we want to move that agenda forward to ensure that by improving leadership capacity we drive up the quality of care and services provided by NHSScotland.

Over the past six months we have worked with our stakeholders to establish what is needed to drive this agenda forward. Delivering Quality through Leadership, the leadership development strategy for NHSScotland, builds on these discussions. It recognises that much has been achieved through taking a national approach to leadership development and identifies further opportunity to ensure that leadership development underpins the delivery agenda.

I regard leadership development as an important priority for NHSScotland, and I expect Chief Executives to own and drive this locally. To support this we will establish a National Leadership Board with oversight of the delivery of this strategy by a National Leadership Unit.

I look forward to continuing to make real progress for the benefit of those we serve.

Kevin Woods
Director General Health and Chief Executive for NHSScotland

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