Decapitalisation rates for the 2023 revaluation: consultation analysis

Analysis of the consultation we launched on 20 December 2021. This sought views on the prescription of decapitalisation rate(s) to be used when non-domestic subjects are valued using the contractor’s basis for the 2023 revaluation.

Annex A – Consultation Responses

See below a list of organisations that responded to the consultation and where permission was granted to publish the response:

  • Gerald Eve LLP
  • Institution of Revenues, Rating and Valuation
  • Jones Lang LaSalle Limited
  • National Day Nurseries Association
  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
  • Scottish Assessors Association
  • Scottish Property Federation
  • Scottish Water
  • UK Petroleum Industry Association
  • University of Edinburgh
  • WYM Rating

The published responses to the consultation can be viewed on the Scottish Government's website.



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