The death of a looked after child: guidance

Revised guidance to clarify the roles and responsibilities of agencies specifically in relation to the notification requirements under regulation 6 of the 2009 Regulations on the death of looked after children.

3. Notifying the Care Inspectorate

If any looked after child dies (whether he or she was living at home or was placed away from home) the local authority looking after the child must notify the Care Inspectorate.

The process for notifying the Care Inspectorate is as follows:

Notify the Care Inspectorate at of the death within one working day of the local authority becoming aware of the child having died.

  • The local authority should provide the following information:
    • The name of the child
    • His or her date of birth
    • The legal circumstances in which he or she was being looked after and the location of where they resided at the time of death; and
    • Brief details of the cause and circumstances of his or her death, if known.
  • This can be done using Form DLC1 and copy to Scottish Ministers at as stated above.
  • If the child was receiving support from a registered care service at the time of death, that service also has a separate duty to notify the Care Inspectorate[2].



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