Data collection and publication - ethnic group: guidance

Guidance for public bodies on the collection of data on ethnic group.

Annex 3: 2001 question

Below is the question as it read for the 2001 census and the previous version of this guidance. It is provided only as a reference and should not be used.

Question: What is your ethnic group

Answer: Choose one section from A to F, then tick the appropriate box to indicate your cultural background.

A. White

  • 1. Scottish
  • 2. Other British
  • 3. Irish
  • 4. Any other White background, please write in

B. Mixed

  • 5. Any Mixed background, please write in

C. Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British

  • 6. Indian
  • 7. Pakistani
  • 8. Bangladeshi
  • 9. Chinese
  • 10. Any other Asian background, please write in

D. Black, Black Scottish or Black British

  • 11. Caribbean
  • 12. African
  • 13. Any other Black background, please write in

E. Other ethnic background

  • 19. Any other background, please write in



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