A Culture Strategy for Scotland

A Culture Strategy for Scotland shows how important culture is to Scotland’s prosperity and sets the future direction for supporting culture in Scotland.

Our Vision

Scotland is a place where culture is valued, protected and nurtured. Culture is woven through everyday life, shapes and is shaped by society, and its transformative potential is experienced by everyone. Scotland's rich cultural heritage and creativity of today is inspired by people and place, enlivens every community and is celebrated around the world.

Strengthening Culture

Sustaining and nurturing culture to flourish and to evolve as a diverse, positive force in society, across all of Scotland


  • Develop the conditions and skills for culture to thrive, so it is cared for, protected and produced for the enjoyment and enrichment of all present and future generations
  • Value, trust and support creative people - for their unique and vital contribution to society and the economy
  • Encourage greater openness and diverse cultures to reflect a changing Scotland in the 21st century
  • Foster international collaboration and build on Scotland's reputation for cultural excellence

Transforming Through Culture

Demonstrating that culture is central to Scotland's wellbeing and cultural, social, economic and environmental prosperity.


  • Place culture as a central consideration across all policy areas, including: health and wellbeing, economy, education, reducing inequality and realising a greener and more innovative future
  • Open up the potential of culture as a transformative opportunity across society

Empowering Through Culture

Celebrating culture as part of every community; essential to our lives and wellbeing.


  • Continue to celebrate Scotland's extraordinary cultural contributions
  • Extend the view of culture to include the everyday and emerging, the established and more formal
  • Extend opportunities that enable people to take part in culture throughout their lives
  • Recognise each community's own local cultures in generating a distinct sense of place, identity and confidence

Guiding Principles

  • Culture in Scotland is valued in and of itself
  • Culture is free to be inspiring and to challenge
  • Culture is central to the future wellbeing and prosperity of Scotland - cultural, social, economic and environmental
  • We celebrate the diversity and excellence of cultures in Scotland and the value of open exchange with the wider world
  • Everyone has the right to participate freely in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits (Article 27, Universal Declaration of Human Rights)
  • Place - community, landscape, language and geography - is important and reflects the creativity of the past and provides inspiration for cultural expression today


Email: culturestrategyandengagement@gov.scot

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