The Crerar Review: the report of the independent review of regulation, audit, inspection and complaints handling of public services in Scotland

Report of the independent review of regulation, audit, inspection and complaints handling of public services in Scotland.

APPENDIX I: Sources of Evidence

The evidence gathered for the Review was either specifically commissioned from consultants or experts, or gathered from stakeholders, through questionnaires, consultation events and workshops, letters, presentations and meetings. Stakeholders included service providers, scrutiny organisations, representative bodies, experts, academics and policy makers. We also drew on other relevant, available research. This ensured the Review took account of a broad base of evidence.

The research and other submissions, or summaries of evidence submitted are available as Annexes on the Review website and on a CDRom supplied with hard copies of this report. The tables below give titles, author details, descriptions and the relevant Annex number for each submission.

Research commissioned for the Review





'Literature Review to Inform Independent Review of Regulation, Audit, Inspection and Complaints Handling of Public Services in Scotland'

DTZ Consulting & Research

A comprehensive review of scrutiny literature, sourcing from government reports, international literature, consultations with academics and academic publications.


'Literature Review on the Consumer Approach to Scrutiny'

Scottish Consumer Council

Commissioned by the Review to look at assessing services from the consumer perspective and develop the themes raised in the briefing paper 'Scrutiny and the Consumer'


'Scrutiny and the public: Qualitative study of public perspectives on regulation, audit, inspection and complaints handling of public services in Scotland'

Ipsos Mori and an academic team led by Edinburgh University

The study was commissioned by the Review to get direct feedback from the public about their awareness of external scrutiny arrangements, and their views on how external arrangements could be strengthened.


Evidence submitted to the Review





'The cost of external scrutiny of public services in Scotland: a preliminary analysis'

Audit Scotland

This submission was made by Audit Scotland to provide the review team with an analysis of: trends in scrutiny costs in Scotland since devolution; comparative scrutiny costs in Scotland and England; and issues linked with scrutiny compliance costs.


'Risk-based and proportionate scrutiny'

Audit Scotland

To provide the scrutiny review team with an analysis of the academic literature on risk-based scrutiny highlighting some of the challenges that will need to be overcome if successful risk-based scrutiny of public services is to be introduced in Scotland.


'Scrutiny and the Consumer'

Scottish Consumer Council

To look at ideas on the consumer perspective of scrutiny and consider further areas of study for a more detailed Literature Review.


'External Audit and Inspection Arrangements in Scottish Local Government'

Brodies LLP Management Consultancy

To research the impact of external regulation, audit and inspection in Scottish Local Government


Papers written by the Review Team





'The Place of Complaint Handling in the Scrutiny Landscape'

Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

To provide a view on complaints handling and how it fits within the scrutiny landscape


'A map of the scrutiny landscape in Scotland'

Scrutiny Review

A comprehensive document which summarises and analyses the information gathered from scrutiny bodies in questionnaires


'Interim Report'

Scrutiny Review

The interim report Professor Crerar provided to Ministers in March 2007, setting out interim conclusions


'Discussion Paper'

Scrutiny Review

Paper provided to participants in advance of Discussion events in May 2007


'Summary of the Discussion Events'

Scrutiny Review

Four Discussion events were held in May 2007. More than 200 people attended the events in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Stirling. Written submissions were also received from those unable to attend the events


'Evidence from Care Providers and Registered Social Landlords'

Scrutiny Review

A summary and analysis of evidence provided from care and social housing providers - through questionnaires and at seminars


'Evidence from the Scottish Government as Stakeholder'

Scrutiny Review

A summary and analysis of evidence provided from policy makers and scrutiny body sponsors within the Scottish Government


'Complaints handling as scrutiny'

Scrutiny Review

A summary and analysis of evidence submitted on complaints handling from providers, scrutiny bodies, the Scottish Government and representative organisations. The paper also provided an expert forum with options for potential future models.




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