'Covid Conversations': experiences of the pandemic in Scotland

This report presents findings from qualitative research carried out between December 2020 and February 2021. These were referred to as ‘Covid Conversations’ as they gave people an opportunity to share their experiences of the pandemic and the public health measures that have been in place.

Annex A: Topic guide

1. Check In: A brief check in, ensuring everyone's voice is heard.

2. Introduction: COVID19 has had a devastating impact on our lives and it has placed all sorts of challenges and restrictions on how we go about things from day to day. SG really interested in how they can help people to do all that they can to keep themselves and one another safe. Notes taken but non-attributable; feel free to speak in third person; will make a difference.

3. What are we doing well? There is a temptation to focus on all the things that we are not managing to do as well as we would like. Really interested in the stuff that we are managing well, whether it is making facemasks, shopping for neighbours, solving problems together.

4. What are the bits that are the biggest struggles? Sometimes it feels like the people who are making the rules don't have a clue what real life is like. What we really struggle and how might there be more help to support us?

5. What would help to get the messages across better? There is lots of information being produced all the time but what really helps/what hinders?

6. How are we feeling about the coming few weeks and months? The next period is likely to be challenging for many of us. How are we feeling and what could help?

7. Check Out: A chance to check out and, perhaps, identify one thing we will take away from our conversation. Would we be willing to meet again?


Email: covid-19.behaviours@gov.scot

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