Coronavirus Recovery and Reform (Scotland) Act 2022 - criminal justice measures consultation: easy read

Easy read version of our consultation on making permanent certain criminal justice measures from Coronavirus Recovery and Reform (Scotland) Act 2022 alongside other proposals to modernise criminal justice procedures through digital processes: Easy read version

Chapter 4. Fiscal fine

A fiscal fine is a penalty where you pay money. It can stop the case going to the court. This helps to settle the case quickly. It allows more time to deal with more serious cases.

If the defendant refuses the fiscal fine, they might be taken to the court.

We want to increase the fine from £300 to £500. This gives more options to avoid some cases going to court.

Question 5. What is your view on these changes?

The changes should be made permanent.

The changes should be made permanent, with exceptions.

The changes should not be made permanent.

Unsure/ I have no view.

Do you have any comments? (Please write down in the box below).



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