Coronavirus Recovery and Reform (Scotland) Act 2022 - criminal justice measures consultation: easy read

Easy read version of our consultation on making permanent certain criminal justice measures from Coronavirus Recovery and Reform (Scotland) Act 2022 alongside other proposals to modernise criminal justice procedures through digital processes: Easy read version

Chapter 2. Online criminal courts

The current system where people can attend a criminal court online by video link should be made permanent.

These changes include:

  • In a criminal trial the court has the power to allow a person to attend electronically. This is done by video link.

These changes have been used since 2020. By making these laws the court system could work effectively.

It would also help to create a person-centered justice system. The individual’s situation is taken into account.

Electronic technology could help the justice system to become more efficient and accessible. It will improve people’s experiences.

Question 2. What is your view on these changes?

The changes should be made permanent.

The changes should be made permanent, with exceptions.

The changes should not be made permanent.

Unsure/I have no view.

Do you have any comments? (Please write down in the box below).

Question 3. What should the court think about when deciding if people can attend court electronically? (Please write down in the box below).



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