Coronavirus (Discretionary Compensation for Self-Isolation) Bill consultation: analysis and response

Analysis of responses to the Coronavirus (Discretionary Compensation for Self-Isolation) Bill consultation.

Overview of Respondents

A total of 14 responses were received.

Of the 14 total responses, 11 have been published on the Scottish Government

website. 3 of the respondents have chosen not to have their response published.

All responses are included in the quantitative analysis presented in this report. Where respondents have given permission for their written feedback to be published, it is included in this document. Where permission to publish written feedback was not provided this feedback has not been included in this report, but will be considered by Ministers alongside all other responses.

The published responses can be accessed here.

Of the 14 total responses, 5 were received from individuals representing organisations and 9 were received from members of the public..

List of organisations that responded and consented to their responses being published

  • Scottish Women's Convention
  • Shetland Islands Council
  • Dumfries and Galloway Council
  • Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership



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