Coronavirus (COVID-19): Strategic Framework update February 2022: equalities and fairer Scotland impact assessment

Equalities and Fairer Scotland Impact Assessment (EQFSIA) covering the Strategic Framework update - February 2022.

Summary of aims and desired outcomes of policy

In light of the current state of the epidemic and a consideration of future potential scenarios, we judge that the strategic intent guiding our COVID-19 response should be changed to reflect the new calmer phase of the pandemic that we hope to move into:

"To manage COVID-19 effectively, primarily through adaptations and health measures that strengthen our resilience and recovery as we rebuild for a better future".

The Strategic Framework Update sets out a number of steps within various policy areas. However, our strategy aims to build an infection-resilient society whilst recognising the disproportionate effect that this pandemic has had on people and designing our strategy in a way that meets their needs. It also includes the continuation of public health preventative measures including vaccination programmes, contact tracing, certification and the continuation of some baseline personal measures, including face coverings and testing. Finally it includes a system to be in place to respond to future outbreaks or variants with restrictive measures should it become necessary.



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