Coronavirus (COVID-19) Phase 3: Scotland's route map update – 10 September 2020

Update to Scotland's route map setting out further Phase 3 changes, as we transition through and out of the COVID-19 crisis.

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Remaining Phase 3 changes

Remaining Phase 3 changes. Not all details are shown. Please refer to guidance and Q&A for more detail.

Relevant guidance and public health advice (such as physical distancing rules and restricted numbers) will apply to the changes shown.

Confirmed date: Monday 14 September

Revised social gathering rules: 6 people from up to 2 households can meet socially. (Under 12s from the 2 households are not counted within this limit). This applies in all locations - for example at home, in hospitality or outdoors in a park or garden. Limited exemptions apply.

Attendance limit for weddings, funerals and civil partnerships remains at 20. Receptions and wakes are permitted in regulated settings (e.g. hospitality venues) also with a limit of 20 people. (Social gathering rules apply elsewhere.)

Face coverings are mandatory in indoor hospitality venues for staff and customers when not eating and drinking (eg when entering a venue). Limited exemptions apply.

1 October Review

Indicative dates liable to delay if the epidemic deteriorates

New Indicative date: Monday 5 October

Indoor sports courts - including skating and dance studios - can be used by adults and young people (12+) for contact sports.

Soft play (indoor) - following guidance (e.g. no ball pools, enhanced hygiene).

Certain outdoor live events (e.g. those involving focussed standing) - with physical distancing, enhanced hygiene, and restricted numbers - following guidance.

Certain indoor live events ('seated' and 'ambulant') - with physical distancing, enhanced hygiene and restricted numbers - following guidance.

Other indoor entertainment venues - following guidance with physical distancing requirements (e.g. theatres, music venues). Not nightclubs.

Stadia (limited re-opening) - following guidance (e.g. physical distancing, restricted numbers) - with option for testing on earlier dates.

Work with partners/stakeholders on limited and phased return plan.

Will not proceed before the 1 October review.

Non-essential offices and call centres can re-open following implementation of relevant guidance (including on physical distancing). Working from home and working flexibly remain the default.

Await further review

Certain indoor live events ('stationary' - e.g. standing concert) - with physical distancing, enhanced hygiene, and restricted numbers - following guidance.



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