Coronavirus (COVID-19): local authority directions

Guidance for local authorities on giving directions relating to specified premises, events and public outdoor places in response to threats posed by COVID-19.

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Local authorities should ensure that they have arrangements in place to provide notice to other regulators of their intention to issue a direction.  For example some complex premises may require to be shut down in a certain manner for other safety reasons, and care should be taken to ensure that the terms of a Direction does not cause other implications. 

Where applicable, engagement with those other regulators, such as the Health and Safety Executive must take place before issuing the Direction.  T

his will ensure any other important safety considerations and evidence is factored into the content of the Direction before it is issued by the Local Authority.

Under these Regulations, Police Scotland also have powers to enforce any Direction issued.  It is therefore essential the issuing Local Authority notifies the Chief Constable Police Service of Scotland (Police Scotland) of any Direction issued, revoked and replaced, or revoked without replacement. 

Such a notification should include a copy of the Direction where one is being issued or replaced.  

It is also vital that Police Scotland are immediately notified of any revocations. Without appropriate notifications Police Scotland won’t be able to undertake enforcement action in relation to a Direction.

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