Coronavirus (COVID-19) Phase 2: Scotland’s route map update

Updated Route Map table to reflect the move to Phase 2 in Scotland's route map through and out of the crisis.

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Guide to re-opening and scaling up over the course of Phase 2

Not all details are shown below. Please refer to guidance and Q&A for more information.

Friday 19 June

People who are shielding are able to leave their home for exercise (from 18th June) and to meet with 1 other household outdoors (max 8 people in total) with physical distancing. People who are shielding can take part in non-contact outdoor activities such as golf, hiking, fishing etc.

People who are not shielding can now meet with more households outside. Limit increased from meeting 1 other household to meeting 2 households; 8 person overall limit and need for physical distancing remains.

They can also use toilets indoors while visiting the outdoors of another household. (Hygiene measures are essential.)

Certain household types can now meet others indoors in an ‘extended household’.

People should continue to stay in their local area (broadly within five miles) as much as possible and should not travel further for leisure or recreation.

Monday 22 June

Face coverings are mandatory on public transport.

Places of worship can re-open for individual prayer or contemplation.

Professional sport can resume – with public health restrictions remaining in place.

Dental practices can re-open to see patients with urgent care needs.

Construction sector can implement remaining phases of sectoral plan.

College and university staff can return to make essential preparations for restart in Phase 3.

Consistent with Phase 2, accommodation can be provided for those required to stay away from home for work purposes

Monday 29 June

Indoor (non-office) workplaces resume once relevant guidance is implemented.

  • Includes: factories, warehouses, labs and research facilities.
  • Excludes: indoor workplaces due to open in Phase 3 (e.g. non-essential offices and call-centres).

Street-access retail can re-open once guidance is implemented. Interiors of shopping centres / malls remain closed for non-essential shops until Phase 3.

Outdoor markets can re-open once guidance is implemented.

Relaxation on restrictions on housing moves.

Outdoor sports courts can re-open.

Playgrounds can re-open.

Registration offices open for high priority tasks.

Marriages & civil partnerships allowed with minimal attendees – outdoors only.

Zoos and garden attractions can open for local access only (broadly within 5 miles) in this phase.

Update on remaining Phase 2 changes on Thursday 2 July

Key Public Services Scaling-up and Resuming across Phase 2

Public services will continue to resume and scale-up during Phase 2, continuing those set out in Phase 1. In addition to the services set out above, resuming activity such as visiting support to Housing First Tenants and the resumption of area-based energy efficiency schemes.

Public transport services will increase over the phase, including increased ferry services and capacity. All phase changes apply to islands. Public transport capacity will remain constrained due to physical distancing requirements – and active travel remains the preferred mode of travel.

A wide range of health and social care services are resuming and scaling-up during this phase, consistent with our NHS Mobilisation Plan – including the examples below. See the plan for more details.

  • Continue phased resumption of any suspended or postponed GP services supported by digital consultation.
  • Reintroducing some chronic disease management.
  • Phased resumption of some screening services.
  • Continued GP support for shielded patients, including home visits where clinically necessary.
  • Increasing health care provision for pent-up demand, urgent referrals and triage of routine services.
  • Priority referrals to secondary care.
  • Consideration to be given to a phased resumption of visiting care homes starting with outdoor visiting where it is clinically safe to do so.
  • Community optometry practices re-open for face-to-face emergency and essential eye care.
  • Plan with COSLA and partners to support and (where needed) review social care and care home services.



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