Coronavirus (COVID 19): Advisory Sub-Group on Education and Children’s Issues minutes: 17 November 2020

Minutes from the fifteenth meeting of the COVID-19 Advisory Group held on Tuesday 17 November 2020.

Items and actions

1. The sub-group considered music education and specifically assessment arrangements for candidates in brass/woodwind and singing.  While members were generally supportive of young people singing or playing such instruments, they were concerned about the associated transmission risks, particularly in group settings.  The sub-group noted that it was important that individuals should have the opportunity for their work to be appropriately assessed.  The sub-group concluded that more detailed clinical advice was necessary along with expert input on room ventilation standards.

2. The sub-group was asked to review advice concerning assessment of young people studying drama and languages.  Members noted that that the questions raised were more appropriate for policy input and advised that Education Scotland should draw up specific advice to cover appropriate mitigation measures such as face coverings and well ventilated areas. 

3. Members considered school visits from careers advisers. The sub-group concluded that careers advisers should follow the same stringent mitigation measures as other professional groups who are required to undertake school visits, and should be allowed to continue at all levels.

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