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Coronavirus (COVID-19): adult care homes guidance

Guidance on visiting during the pandemic plus tools and resources on visiting, and supporting residents in homes with COVID-19.

12 Oct 2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19): adult care homes guidance

This information consists of:

Visiting guidance

This guidance sets out how care home visiting may be gradually increased while minimising risks to residents, staff and visitors.

There are two main sets of guidance for care homes, focussed on resuming:

  • visiting by friends and family
  • visits into the home by volunteers, spiritual/faith representatives and professionals
  • wellbeing activities

The guidance recommends care homes take a staged approach to resuming visiting. In addition, the guidance sets out actions to mitigate risks to residents, visitors and staff. For all care homes, regardless of Covid status, essential visits should be generously supported where possible to do so safely, without a defined time limit.

Infographics, videos and transcripts

Infographics, videos and accompanying transcripts have also been produced to help support residents in care homes with COVID-19, as well as visiting as safely as possible. 


Visiting guidance documents

Infographics and videos

Acute and emergency care poster

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About this guidance

The guidance has been produced by the Care Homes Clinical and Professional Advisory Group (CPAG), a multi-disciplinary group chaired by members of the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Nursing Officer directorates. The group has been established to provide clinical and professional advice throughout the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Care Homes CPAG will continue to review the guidance taking account of changes in the emerging picture around COVID-19.

Previous Scottish Government Care Home Guidance has been archived, please contact for any archived requests.




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