Removal, storage and disposal of vehicles regulations: analysis of consultation responses

Analysis of written responses to our consultation on the removal, storage and disposal of vehicles regulations.

Annex 5:Menu pricing example

The table below (extracted from Annex F of the Consultation document, describes an example of menu pricing for the removal, retention and disposal of motor vehicles

Customer Requested Uplifts

Call out charge £115.00
Labour per hour £115.00
Mileage charge per mile £1.65
Storage per day £23.50
All Above Rates Are Plus VAT
Specialist Charges    
Prestige covered recovery (per hour) £255.00
Damage free crane recovery £315.00
Crane recovery up to 2490 kgs £275.00
Crane from 2490 - 3500 kgs £295.00
Crane rate per hour £195.00
Winching car to hard standing (per 1/2 hr) £105.00
Second person required (for 1st hr) £52.50
Labour for second person (after 1st hr) £52.50
Use of go jacks or skates (inc 1/2 hr lab) £65.00
Use of donor wheels (per wheel req) £65.00
Towing of trailers /caravans (per mile) £0.92
Hitching up trailers/caravans £65.00
All Above Rates Are Plus VAT

Heavy RecoveryRates

Call out £145.00
Labour per hour £145.00
Mileage per mile £2.61
Callout of crane mac4 £425.00
Hourly rate £395.00
Callout of crane £395.00
Hourly rate £395.00
Second person for crane operation (per hr) £72.50
Trailers over 18 ft req lift £295.00
HGV air bag use £350.00

All Above Rates Are Plus VAT



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