Socio-economic duty: consultation

We are seeking your views on how public bodies are working to tackle poverty and inequality.

Summary Of Questions

QUESTION 1 - The key terms defined in this section are:

  • Socio economic disadvantage
  • Inequalities of outcome
  • Decisions of a strategic nature
  • Due regard

Do you agree that the definitions of these are reasonable and should be included within the Scottish Government's forthcoming guidance on the socio-economic duty?

QUESTION 2A - Do you agree that the socio-economic duty should apply to the Scottish public authorities named here? If not, please specify which you do not think it should apply to and why?

QUESTION 2B - Do you think the duty should apply to any other public authorities, similar to those listed in the Equality Act 2010 ? If so, please name them and explain why you think the duty should apply.

QUESTION 3A - Do you have any comments on the steps set out in SECTION 3?

QUESTION 3B - What other actions could public authorities take to demonstrate that they are meeting the duty?

QUESTION 3C - Could you offer suggestions as to how public authorities could improve budgetary analysis and reporting so as to take better account of inequalities related to socio-economic disadvantage?

QUESTION 3D - Can you offer examples of how public authorities and others have made best use of the expertise of people with direct experience of poverty?

QUESTION 3E - What kind of guidance and support on meeting the duty would be most useful for public authorities?

QUESTION 3F - Do you have a view on whether public authorities should use existing monitoring frameworks to track whether the socio-economic duty is making a difference to outcomes over the long term?

QUESTION 4A - Once the socio-economic duty is introduced, the Scottish Government is keen for public authorities to look strategically across all planning processes in place to maximise their impact. What could public authorities and the Scottish Government do to make sure that the links between the different duties are managed effectively within organisations?

QUESTION 4B - Can you offer examples of good practice in taking an integrated approach to issues such as poverty, equality, and human rights?


Email: Karen Armstrong,

Phone: 0300 244 4000 – Central Enquiry Unit

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