Education (Scotland) Act 1980 Section 70 guidance document: analysis of consultation responses

Analysis report following the public consultation on guidance for users of the Education (Scotland) Act 1980.

The Section 70 complaints process

Question 4: Is the information clear? Is the structure correct? Is there any information which should be added or removed?

Answer No. of respondents % of all respondents
Yes 4 29%
No 6 43%
Don't Know 0 -
Not Answered 4 29%

20. The majority of those who answered this question indicated that there was no information which should be added or removed.

21. Comments from those who indicated that there was information missing included, providing clarity on when a complaint would be fast-tracked to HMIE, and the process to be followed in those circumstances and; a request for further clarity on the timescales that apply. The guidance has been amended to take these comments into account.


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