Self-referral forensic medical services - retention period for evidence: consultation

The landmark Forensic Medical Services (Victims of Sexual Offences) (Scotland) Act 2021 received Royal Assent on 20 January 2021. This consultation seeks views on the appropriate retention period for evidence collected in the course of self-referral forensic medical services.


1. Link to FMS Act.

2. Link to Easy Read version of this consultation paper

3. Link to CMO Taskforce webpage.

4. Full details of the history to the Bill for the FMS Act are available from this webpage: Link to FMS Act webpage.

5. More information about what people can expect during and following a forensic medical examination can be found at: Link to leaflet Forensic medical examination following a rape or sexual assault: information.

6. Whilst samples are considered "wet evidence" and require to be frozen, the other evidence mentioned is considered "dry evidence" and can simply be bagged and securely stored.

7. Link to section 8 of the FMS Act.

8. Link to FFLM website.

9. Link to section 3 of the FMS Act.

10. Link to January 2021 FFLM guidance on storage of forensic samples.

11. Link to CRWIA for the Bill for the FMS Act.

12. Link to original DPIA for the Bill for the FMS Act.

13. Link to EQIA for the Bill FMS Act.

14. Link to FSDIA for the Bill for the FMS Act.

15. Link to ICIA for the Bill for the FMS Act.

16. Link to Policy Memorandum for the Bill for the FMS Act.

17. Link to revised DPIA for the Bill for the FMS Act.



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