Removal, storage and disposal of vehicles regulations: consultation

The consultation document seeks views on new level of charges applied to the removal, storage and disposal of vehicles in Scotland.

7. The Scottish Government's view

7.1 Taking into account evidence received to date from stakeholders, the Scottish Government's proposed approach is that a matrix system should be introduced as shown in Annex E of the consultation. In setting the charges the Scottish Government took account of the views, oral and written, that we received from stakeholders while developing the consultation. Generally, the charges are based on the proposed regulation that were laid in the Scottish Parliament in 2011 which were the Removal, Storage and Disposal of Vehicles (Prescribed Sums and Charges etc.) (Scotland) Regulations 2011 [6] . The proposed 2011 charges were subject to review from a variety of stakeholders who provided comments on the charges. There were also suggestions for variations in the number and detail of the scenarios to be used within the matrix.

7.2 There were a wide variety of opinions received regarding the matrix charges and indeed there was not always consensus within stakeholder groups as to what the charges should be. For example, for removal of a vehicle on a road under 3.5 tonnes and not damaged charges suggested ranged from £150 to £290. Each scenario within the matrix system attracted similar differences of opinion on the pricing involved.

7.3 The figures Scottish Ministers have decided to consult on are within the minima and maxima put forward. Scottish Ministers accept that there will be differing views over the charges, particularly, in broad terms, whether they are too high or too low. Apart from different parties' assessments of what would best suit their interests to claim as costs incurred, views as to what would be an appropriate charge in any case will also reflect genuine differences of opinion as to what is necessary for a particular removal or type of removal and different contractual requirements.

7.4 Scottish Ministers believe that the charges on which they have decided are the most reasonable outcome that is currently possible. They recognise however that the firm evidence for these is limited. Interested parties are therefore invited to gather information once the new charges have been implemented, to identify any problems that might arise over the available scenarios and their interpretation and to maintain comprehensive records of costs to inform any future changes. Scottish Ministers have already agreed that, in future, there will be regular reviews.


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