Regulation of electricians: consultation

Consultation considering whether regulatory measures are required to give greater protection to the public and reduce the level of poor electrical workmanship by a persistent rogue trader element. The consultation also discusses increasing consumer awareness.

7. Summary of questions

1. Are there any changes that could be achieved by voluntary means?

2. If voluntary measures are pursued and implemented effectively, would this significantly reduce the need for statutory measures?

3. Are there any legislative changes apart from protection of title or regulation of electrical work that would have a similar impact that the Scottish Government should explore?

4. What measures would be essential to make protection of title or regulation of electrical work effective?

5. Would both protection of title and regulation of electrical work be required or would only one be necessary?

6. Where measures, for example relating to consumer protection, could not be put on a legal footing, would this weaken the effectiveness of introducing regulations?

7. How should “electrician” or “electrical work” be defined in any regulations in order to prevent unnecessary restrictions on workers, reflect the current wide variety of activities and take into account possible future development due to advances in technology?

8. How would administration and enforcement of regulations be financed?

9. Would introducing new statutory measures help in the enforcing of existing consumer protection and health & safety legislation? If so, would that be a sufficient justification in itself for legislation?

10. How should any new statutory measures interact with existing regulations?

11. If regulation is introduced, what should the industry do to support those who will need to upskill to meet the new requirements?

12. What actions will be most effective in raising standards and increasing consumer protection?

13. Are there any actions not listed that are necessary to increase consumer awareness?

14. How can any new actions be used to build on and supplement the existing system?



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