Regulation of electricians: consultation

Consultation considering whether regulatory measures are required to give greater protection to the public and reduce the level of poor electrical workmanship by a persistent rogue trader element. The consultation also discusses increasing consumer awareness.

2. Consultation aim

The Scottish Government is gathering information and views on whether regulations should be introduced in relation to electricians. We want to hear whether you think there is a need for electricians to be regulated. While the focus of the consultation is on domestic work carried out for individual consumers, it will also apply to commercial and industrial work.

There are no restrictions on who can respond to the consultation. We would like to hear all views so that we can better understand whether there is a need for regulation, what form any possible regulation may take and what non regulatory action can be taken to minimise risk.

We recognise that some of the questions may touch on issues which domestic consumers do not have an in-depth knowledge. We are looking for views from as wide a range of people as possible so would therefore welcome views from consumers on what is important to them as well as from those with specialist knowledge of technical issues. There is no requirement to answer every question.

A key aim of our work is to ensure the safety of electrical installations. While many aspects of the relevant matters relating to the regulation of electricians may be reserved to Westminster, the consultation will help to identify gaps or issues with the current regulatory position.

If it is decided that there should be regulations then further engagement with stakeholders will take place on any proposed legislation.



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