Patient Safety Commissioner role for Scotland: consultation

This paper seeks views on what the Patient Safety Commissioner role should look like; who it should report to; and how the role should interact with existing legislation and policies, as well as with the various organisations involved in providing and improving health and care services in Scotland.


Devolved competence

Some matters are reserved to the UK Government at Westminster, meaning that only the UK Government can make laws on them.  If a Scottish law is made that is not within devolved competence (that is, it is on a matter that is not within the powers of the Scottish Parliament to change), it becomes void, and so has no legal effect.


Healthcare Improvement Scotland


Hormone pregnancy tests


Medication or drugs used to treat or prevent a disease or an illness.

Medical devices

Any instrument, apparatus, appliance, software, implant, substance, material or other article the manufacturer intends to be used to promote health, to prevent, diagnose or treat disease, or for rehabilitation or long-term care.


Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency 


Patient Advice and Support Service

Patient Reference Group

Provides input to the Scottish Government on developing the proposals to appoint a Patient Safety Commissioner for Scotland.


Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body 

Specialist Reference Group Considers the roles and responsibilities of existing bodies and policies in Scotland to help set out how the Patient Safety Commissioner will work alongside these in Scotland.


Scottish Public Services Ombudsman


Scottish Patient Safety Programme



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