Official Statistics - recorded crime and related topics: consultation responses - summary

This publication provides a summary of responses a discussion of next steps to the consultation on how information about different types of crime is grouped and presented within the recorded crime Official Statistics (and other statistical products).

Next steps

Responses to the consultation have now been published where permission has been obtained to do so and can be viewed on the consultation page, see link below.

Published responses for A consultation on how Official Statistics present information on recorded crime and related topics - Scottish Government - Citizen Space

The Scottish Crime Recording Board are considering all responses to this consultation, along with other feedback received from the associated events run during the consultation period.

The 2020-21 Recorded Crime National Statistics (due in September 2021) will continue to be presented using the existing approach, however, given the clear user support for such a change, a new cyber-crime chapter, which will present and discuss the latest available information on recorded cyber-crime in Scotland, will be added. This will include an estimate of the proportion of recorded crime which is cyber-enabled and further detail about the characteristics of these cases (based on the review of a random sample of crime records).

Having reflected further on the outcome of this consultation, the Scottish Crime Recording Board plans to present a revised provisional grouping structure for final comments in Autumn 2021, with final decisions being made in early 2022. If possible, this will allow changes to be implemented from April 2022 onwards.

Going forward, users will be kept informed of any developments relating to the consultation through the ScotStat network.



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