Consultation on New Controls in the Queen Scallop Fishery in ICES Divisions VIa and VIIa

Seeking views on introducing new management measures in the Queen Scallop fishery in ICES divisions VIa and VIIa.

5. Current Management Measures in the Queen Scallop Fishery

In comparison to other fisheries in UK waters, there are relatively few controls for queen scallops. Currently the fishery is subject to:

  • An EU minimum landing size of 40 mm,
  • Some control of fishing effort for vessels over 15 metres in length via the EU Western Waters management regime. [4]

However, unlike other fisheries:

  • There are no entry restrictions into the fishery,
  • It is not covered by an EU Total Allowable Catch (quota),
  • There are no limits to catching periods or fishing time (seasonal closures or curfews).


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