Consultation on New Controls in the Queen Scallop Fishery in ICES Divisions VIa and VIIa

Seeking views on introducing new management measures in the Queen Scallop fishery in ICES divisions VIa and VIIa.

3. A Joint Management Approach to Queen Scallops and the Queen Scallop Working Group

In 2013 the Fisheries Administrations of the UK and the IoM were approached by representatives of the queen scallop fishing industry requesting greater controls and scientific investigation for the fishery. This was a consequence of perceived reductions in catches and catch per unit effort ( i.e. catch for time spent fishing).

As a result, a process was established, which included the Fisheries Administrations and fisheries scientists, to investigate the need for the introduction of new management controls. This process began in 2014, and included the collation and assessment of available fisheries science data followed by an initial consideration of potential measures and mechanisms to protect the fishery.

Subsequently, the conclusions were presented to representatives of the UK and IoM queen scallop fleet, and a queen scallop working group was established to consider the need for additional management in the fishery. The working group included representatives from the fishing industry, fisheries management authorities and fisheries science organisations [2] .

Over a series of meetings in 2015, the evidence and options were discussed in detail, leading to the development of the management options presented in this consultation document.

It is important to note that these new management measures would apply to British fishing vessels [3] only. Article 46 of EC 850/98 and Article 19 of the Common Fisheries Policy Regulation 1380/2013 allows for member states to introduce management measures for the conservation and management of stocks which can be applied solely to the fishermen of the Member State concerned.


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