Consultation on the National Personal Footcare Draft Guidance

This consultation is seeking views on the national draft personal footcare guidance that has been developed by a multi-agency working group. This is a key action highlighted for implementation in the National Delivery Plan for Allied Health Professionals in Scotland, 2012-2015. The overall aim is to improve the way in which personal footcare for older people is supported and delivered through the implementation of training and good practice guidance.

Section 7: Implementation of personal footcare

The AHP National Delivery Plan - AHP's as agents of change in health and social care; the national delivery plan for the Allied Health Professions in Scotland 2012 - 2015, details a key action point for NHS boards in terms of implementation of the guidance on personal footcare.

"AHP directors will work with AHP leads in health and social care and partners in care organisations, voluntary services and older peoples groups to implement the national Personal Footcare Guidance once published in December 2012"

Implementation of the personal footcare guidance will commence early in 2013. All NHS boards should work with their local partners to identify the need and possible solutions for personal footcare within their local populations.

It is envisaged that a mixture and range of models (and adaptations of these) would be required and that any initiatives will support an assets based approach.

  • Where possible, people with personal footcare needs should be involved in the design and review of personal footcare services in local areas
  • Access to education/awareness sessions should be available locally to people/carers and their families to support self care and enablement where this is possible. In addition to written information, a variety of formats will be made available.
  • Clear pathways should be established to ensure that people who need more specialist intervention have access to podiatry services.
  • Providers of personal footcare should complete the endorsed and certificated training programme
  • All personnel providing personal footcare should be screened through the PVG scheme
  • Instruments used for personal footcare should be the persons own property or single use disposable items
  • A range of options for personal footcare should be made available to enable people to make the correct choice to address their personal footcare needs
  • Personal footcare services within local areas should be subject to regular review/audit and include mechanisms for service user involvement and feedback


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