Consultation on the National Personal Footcare Draft Guidance

This consultation is seeking views on the national draft personal footcare guidance that has been developed by a multi-agency working group. This is a key action highlighted for implementation in the National Delivery Plan for Allied Health Professionals in Scotland, 2012-2015. The overall aim is to improve the way in which personal footcare for older people is supported and delivered through the implementation of training and good practice guidance.

Section 6: Education/Training resources

To support the educational and training requirements to widely implement personal footcare across Scotland, NHS Education Scotland (NES) has supported the development of two educational resources.

The first of these is directed to individuals themselves, their relatives and carers to help them undertake their own personal footcare to best effect. The resource supports improving awareness, knowledge and practical skills to enable a person to recognise foot health issues and safely perform everyday non complex footcare tasks. Practical information is available in a variety of formats that can be accessed through NHS Podiatry services. Information to support self care of the feet will be available in electronic formats.

The second resource is directed to those providing personal footcare as a service to others. Content of this covers the development of competences to support others with keeping their feet healthy, undertake a range of personal footcare tasks and recognise foot health issues that require referral to a healthcare professional. The training is considered essential in enabling people to provide a personal footcare service to others. It will be outcome based, quality assured, assessed and certificated.


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