Out of home sector - mandatory calorie labelling: consultation

The public is being invited to have their say on plans to add the number of calories to menus in the out of home food sector including cafes, restaurants and takeaways.

8. Expected costs to business

8.1 We understand there would be costs for businesses in preparing for, implementing and complying with the legislation. We anticipate costs to include:

  • Time for businesses to familiarise themselves and understand the new requirements
  • Time required to calculate calories of each menu item
  • Costs of reprinting menus and other signage
  • Time to upload calorie content of menu items to any digital platform.

8.2 As a free calorie calculator tool, MenuCal is already available for all businesses in Scotland to use, we do not anticipate a cost for use of software to calculate calories of menu items. However, other software is available for businesses to use if they wish.

8.3 Consultation responses will be used to inform, among other things, the development of a Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment.

8.4 We will use the following factors to calculate the overall costs to businesses:

  • The number of items on their menus
  • How frequently they change their menu
  • How many new menu items are included in a change of menu
  • How many copies of menus are printed
  • The quantity and nature of other display information that would require to be updated to adhere to the display requirements set out in section 6.

Question 13 - Please list any costs to businesses in addition to those listed above that you think need to be considered in our economic evaluation.



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