Out of home sector - mandatory calorie labelling: consultation

The public is being invited to have their say on plans to add the number of calories to menus in the out of home food sector including cafes, restaurants and takeaways.

13. Other comments

Question 22 - Please outline any other comments you wish to make on this consultation.

Glossary of Terms

Calorie labelling: displaying the calorie value for non-prepacked food and non-alcoholic drinks at the point of choice, for example, on menus, display boards, digital ordering terminals and online ordering apps.

Franchise: An authorisation granted or sold, such as to use a name or to sell products or services. In its simplest terms, a franchise is an authorisation from one undertaking or business permitting another undertaking or business to sell a product or service under a particular name or trademark. For the purposes of this consultation, a franchisee is obliged to provide a food or drink service within parameters established by the franchisor company.

Point of choice: the most influential point in the consumer decision-making process, defined to be close to the price, description or image of the product e.g. menus, menu boards.

Prepacked: means any single item for presentation as such to the final consumer and to mass caterers, consisting of a food and the packaging into which it was put before being offered for sale, whether such packaging encloses the food completely or only partially, but in any event in such a way that the contents cannot be altered without opening or changing the packaging

Prepacked for direct sale (PPDS): any single food item for presentation to final consumers and to mass caterers[9], which consists of the food item and packaging which may enclose the food item completely or partially but in such a way that the contents of the food item cannot be altered and where the food item is put into packaging before being offered for sale to the customer by the same food business:

i) on the same premises; or

ii) on the same site[10]; or

iii) on other premises if the food is offered for sale from a moveable and/or temporary premises (such as marquees, market stalls, mobile sales vehicles) and the food is offered for sale by the same food business who packed it.

Symbol Group: a form of franchise of convenience shops. The group does not own or operate shops, but act as suppliers to independent shops which then trade under a common banner. For the purposes of this consultation, the franchisor company does not set parameters for the preparation or sale of food and non-alcoholic drinks that can be consumed immediately upon purchase without any further preparation.



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