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Consultation on the implementation of revised EU rules on Equine Identification in Scotland

Published: 22 Aug 2016
Agriculture and Rural Economy Directorate
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Consultation on equine identification legislation, to ensure horses do not enter the food chain if they are exposed to substances not suitable for food chain animals.

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Consultation on the implementation of revised EU rules on Equine Identification in Scotland
Part 4 - Consoultation Questions

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Part 4 - Consoultation Questions

All the consultation questions are listed below. When considering these, we ask that you take into consideration the information provided in this document alongside any other knowledge or personal experiences that could be relevant. All opinions are welcome.

We ask that you use either the online Citizen Space facility or the consultation questionnaire provided to respond to this consultation as this will help with our analysis of responses. Please try to answer all the questions; however, if you are unable to answer any particular question then please feel free to move on to the next.

The questionnaire and on-line facility will also ask questions relating to your interest in this matter, this will aid in the analysis of the responses to this consultation.

In order for us to deal with your response appropriately in terms of making responses publically available, please ensure that you complete a Respondent Information Form. This will ensure that if you ask for your response not to be published that we regard it as confidential and will treat it accordingly.

Question 1. Should an equine be identified within 6 months of birth, by the end of the calendar year of its birth, or no later than 12 months following birth?

Question 2. Do you support the use of the derogation to allow owners or keepers the option to move or transport their animals within Scotland without their ID document, provided they are accompanied by a smart card?

Question 3. Do you think that the time limit for submission of the application to the Scottish Passport Issuing Organisation ( PIO) should be 20 days before the deadline for identification?

Question 4. Do you think that it is necessary that all equines born before 1 July 2009 should be identified by implantation of a transponder? Please provide comments on the evidence that this is necessary for identity verification of these equidae?

Question 5. Other than the costs listed in the partial Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment ( BRIA), do you envisage any further financial impact on yourself/business/organisation as a result of the implementation of this Regulation?

Question 6. Do you consider that Scottish Government should explore with the Scottish Passport Issuing Organisations a minimum rate for administering and issuing of passports?

Question 7. Do you think that compliance with the Horse Identification Regulations could be improved through the use of Fixed Penalty Notices?

About the consultation

While we have done our best to explain the issues facing us, there may be aspects that you feel that we have not explained well or have not covered at all.

The following questions in this consultation paper are to provide you with the opportunity to raise such points, and to provide us with feedback on the consultation itself.

Question 8. Do you have any other comments on the way this consultation has been conducted?

Question 9. Do you consider that the consultation explained the key issues sufficiently to properly consider your response?

Question 10. Do you consider that you had sufficient time to respond to the consultation?

Question 11. Do you have any other comments or recommendations regarding the new equine identification Regulation?


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