A Consultation on the future use of resources devolved following the UK Government's decision to close the Independent Living Fund

A consultation asking for people's views and opinions in respect of the announcement of the closure of the Independent Living Fund from April 2015 and the announcement that money will be distributed to the devolved institutions. The document poses questions to gauge what and how the resource devolved to the Scottish Government should be used to support disabled people


New fund will be fair

We will make sure that we treat people fairly when developing a new fund. When we are developing the new fund we will check that we are making a fund that is fair.

Question 7

Important to be treated fairly

For people to live independent lives it is important that people are not unfairly treated or feel unequal.

Do you think that there are any issues that might make people feel this way?

For example, this could be because of their disability or religion.

How do you think we can improve things for people who feel unfairly treated or unequal?


Email: Chris Raftery

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