A Consultation on the future use of resources devolved following the UK Government's decision to close the Independent Living Fund

A consultation asking for people's views and opinions in respect of the announcement of the closure of the Independent Living Fund from April 2015 and the announcement that money will be distributed to the devolved institutions. The document poses questions to gauge what and how the resource devolved to the Scottish Government should be used to support disabled people

Finance and the future

UK ILF discontinued

The UK Government has decided that the ILF cannot carry on in its current form.

The Scottish Government think that a "Scottish ILF" would not work either. This is because there is not enough money to meet demand.

New fund sustainable

The Scottish Government is working with its partners to make sure any new fund is sustainable. This means there needs to be the money and resources to carry on the fund in the future

New awards not life long

For any new awards it would not be possible to always make it a payment for life.

New fund for best results

Thought needs to be given to what group of people a new fund would target. The Scottish Government would like to use this limited fund in a way that has the best results on individual lives.

Scottish Government open to all ideas

The Scottish Government is open to all ideas for the use of a new fund. They will think about all of the ideas put forward and pick the one that is the most sustainable.

Fund for short term challenges

One idea is that the new fund could be used to overcome short term challenges in a person's life.

Closures lead to risk of lack of independence

For example, a person gets support from a day centre that is closing. This person wants to be more independent and do more things. They are at risk of losing the friends they have made when the day centre closes.

Fund in short term for support

The fund could be used in the short term to support them in keeping these friends and getting out and about more.

Question 3

ILF money used ideas

If ILF is not going to continue, how would you like to see the money used?

Question 4

Help to increase funds

Can you think of any ways to help increase the money that there is to give disabled people support?

Case Study

Mrs Jones cares for her daughter

Mrs Jones is 74 and cares for her daughter Frances.

Frances has learning and physical disabilities. Mrs Jones gives most of the support her daughter gets.

Frances attends a day centre 3 days a week. She needs support from her mother to take part in any other activities.

Mrs Jones has a lot of health problems and is finding her caring role difficult.

She worries that Frances will never have the chance to live independently as the ILF is now closed.

Question 5

Resources to provide independent lives

How can we use the resources available to help people live more independent lives?

What is the most important thing that we need to do to help people live more independent lives?


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