Consultation on a draft referendum bill - easy read summary

An easy read summary of the consultation on a draft referendum bill published in October 2016.

How would the referendum be run?

The referendum would be run by the Electoral Management Board for Scotland, which is an independent organisation that isn’t part of the Scottish Government.

The poll and count would be handled like an election. Counting officers and a Chief Counting Officer would be responsible for this.

The referendum campaign would be watched over by the Electoral Commission. After the referendum they would make a report to the Scottish Parliament.

Everyone who lives in Scotland would be able to vote in the referendum. This would include 16 and 17 year olds and EU citizens. Decisions on Scotland’s future should be made by the people who live and work here, including everyone who has chosen to make Scotland their home.

Question 1: What are your views on these suggestions for how the referendum should be run?


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