Consultation on a draft referendum bill - easy read summary

An easy read summary of the consultation on a draft referendum bill published in October 2016.

What is this consultation about?

This paper sets out the Scottish Government’s suggestions for new laws about a second Scottish independence referendum.

The Scottish Government wants to get people’s views on this now. This will mean the law will be ready if the Scottish Government decides that another independence referendum is the best way to protect Scotland’s interests after the EU referendum.

It would then be up to the Scottish Parliament to look at the new law and decide whether a new referendum should be held.

This consultation asks for people’s views on how the referendum would be run.

This is just a summary. The full consultation can is available online here:

The suggestions are based on the same law that was used for the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, which worked very well. The Scottish Government wants to make a few small changes and we would like to ask you questions about these.

The Scottish Government will publish the answers it gets, unless people say that they do not want their answers to be made public. Your answers will be used to help make the new law.


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